hipmonk search engine for booking flights

For your next trip try using Hipmonk.com to search cheap flights.

Hipmonk is a simple site with no distracting advertising. Entering your departue city and destination, and quickly receive a graphic image depicting prices, duration, and any connecting city.
Hipmonk cheap fares chart

find cheap fares with the hipmonk app

Search Cheap Flights Fast

Think of how many clicks it normally takes you to sort through airlines, departure times, and prices.

It is amazing how much information Hipmonk gives you with only one click.

Easily see the connecting city. Decide quickly if you want to go through JFK or some other international airport.

Group plans? No problem. You can click a variety of social media buttons to share an itinerary with friends.

And, there is even a FREE app for your mobile device.

Try Hipmonk today.

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