Peru Travel Tips

Seven Simple Things to Know when Traveling in Peru

  1. Confirm: It comes when it comes – or so the saying goes. Confirm and reconfirm everything which means you hotel rooms, transportation, and more.
  2. Plan B: Know the time of the next… train, plane or bus… so when they cancel yours, you know exactly what to do next. Confirm your time as well as your flight still exists. I made reservations 3 months early only to find on the day of travel the flight was now 1.5 hours EARLIER! No phone call. No email notification.
  3. Taxes: Allow time to pay the airport tax and be extra clear to tell the teller if you are traveling within Peru (domestic) or outside Peru (international). Passing through security late at night we were charged international taxes when we were traveling domestic. Luckily we caught the error.
  4. Protests: Latin America is known for protests. Every time I have traveled, there was either an active protest, a protest scheduled in the upcoming days, or protest just finishing. Does it matter if the protest ended yesterday? Yes, because if the local indians pushed rocks down the cliffs onto the road you are on… well, enough said. Expect delays.
  5. Black outs: They can and do occur.
  6. Floods: They can and do occur.
  7. Busses: Overturn off mountain roads! They can and do occur. Just try a Google search for “peru bus crash” or try – tumble, fall, overturn. I even found an article about a book, The Panama Hat Trail telling tourists to check bus tires… I will never forget an early morning raining muddy bus ride in Bolivia where the locals were shouting, “┬íSomos Muertos!” as the bus backed up to allow another to pass. Unfortunately there are many sad cases of bus accidents especially in July, 2008 and 2006.

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